16th Feb 2013

A Pocket-Sized Pattern for Penitential Prayer

By David Webber


Liturgy, or following a laid-out pattern for worship, is sometimes seen in a negative way. It is seen as restrictive and dated. If used too much there is the danger that our times together will become ritualistic and lacking in freedom and spontaneity. However, if we discard liturgy completely then we are depriving ourselves of a wonderful, rich legacy, practiced and developed over many centuries.
There is a resource on the wonderful website engagworship.org called 'A Pocket-Sized Pattern for Penitential Prayer'. It is exactly what the title suggests. A double-sided piece of A4 paper, cleverly folded, becomes a guide for a series of prayers and meditations. A powerpoint file shows us how to use it.
The guide was produced to help its creator with his aim of praying more during Lent, so it is fitting that we should be introduced to it now. We will be introducing the guide during our morning worship tomorrow (17th February 2013) and looking at one part of it, but there won’t be anything like enough time to use it all properly, so I’d encourage you to take one away, or print your own, and use it in your own time with God. This would also be a great way to do something together when we are not actually gathered together. The idea that other members of our church family are sharing our experience can only help strengthen our bonds.
For a much better description of the guide and the depth of meaning behind it, please read the article on engage worship.org.

Dave is priviliged to be a member of the worship team at SMBC, and passionately believes we can all use our gifts to worship to God.