18th Oct 2015

Weekend of Prayer Summary

By David Webber

We are coming up to the end of the South Molton Churches Together weekend of prayer, when we left our homes for one-hour slots to pray for the community of South Molton. It will be great in a few days time to look at all the things God has said to us over the event, but here are a few thoughts from my time this morning, added to and inspired by those of my predecessors.

Jer. 29:4 Those I carried into exile..

God had sent Israel's punishment because of their disobedience. He is in control, and is even then unfolding His plan for the good of His people. They were told to settle, and pray for the prosperity of the land where they were.

Jer 29:20-23 Ahab and Zedekiah were cursed. 'They have done outrageous things... committed adultery... and in my name have spoken lies...

If we as the Church of South Molton, and individual Christians, get right with God, put Him first and seek Him, THEN we will reflect Jesus to those around us. We will spread the Good News of Jesus to those around us now, continue the passage of the gospel into the future, and many in the community around us will be blessed through it. This cannot happen if our integrity is in question.

Dave is priviliged to be a member of the worship team at SMBC, and passionately believes we can all use our gifts to worship to God.