8th Jan 2012

In The Beginning

By Andy Jarvis

Genesis 1-11 (E100 readings series)

Note: Due to illness, Andy did not deliver this himself, but insights were shared from the floor, and these notes relayed.

Recurring themes in the chapters:

  • Order
  • Intent
  • Sin
  • Judgement
  • Hope

OrderBefore all things- God Above; Over, first God.

Order in creation:

3 days of seperating - light and dark, (sea) earth and sky, sea and dry land.

Bringing forth life and governance:

Sun, moon and stars to 'govern' time (day, night, seasons etc.).

Fish & birds, all living creatures which man is to 'rule over'.

God has given man, in relationship with Him, the responsibility for ruling over His creation, in order that all things may be blessed.

Intent- Blessing - Love expressing itself

Recurring Themes in chapters 3-11:

Sin - it's reality

Judgement - the very real and uncomfortable consequence of sin.

Hope - always the possibily of renewing order and fulfilling God's intention.

Genesis 3

Sin - rebellion, a wanting to change the order.

Judgement - sweat, toil, pain in childbirth, in bringing forth life. Who is the creator?

Hope - life beyond Eden.

God pushes Adam and Eve to depend on Him.

Genesis 4


Sin - Murder of Able - God's right to choose

Judgement - Restless wandering, fruitless soil

Hope - God's mark of protection


Genesis 6

Sin - v5 'Every inclination of the thought of his heart is for evil'.

Judgement - Flood

Hope - Restoration/new beginning - godly Noah.

God's covenant of protection.


Genesis 11

Sin - 'Let us make a name for ourselves'.

'Let us build a city with a tower reaching to the heavens'.

Changing order - me first.

Judgement - Scattering and creation of different languages.

Hope - Men depending on God again.

From sons of Shem, Abram, the one from whom 'All nations would be blessed'.

The men of Babel feared being scattered. Like a roundabout - let go of the centre and you are scattered. Man seeks to put some 'other' at the centre, which leads to scattered chaos.

God has purpose and intent for us:

Sin - Universal problem.

Judgement - Jesus crucified

Hope - ressurection.

We are the family of Noah to our generation. Put God first in everything and they will be blessed.