24th Apr 2016

Silence is Golden

By Andy Jarvis

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Silence is a rare commodity in our busy, technological world. Out in the landscape, away from the rush, silence is beautiful. In the library, silence is helpful for study, but when you can't find what you want, can't make sense of the text or get writer's block, silence is oppressive. But when you are waiting for the phone to ring, when there's no change in the inbox and no sound to indicate the arrival of a text, silence is frustrating.

Jesus, face down in Gethsemane, cried out to His Father for another way but there was only silence from heaven. Yet the silence wasn't frustrating, or oppressive. Jesus found courage to face his betrayer. Could it be that silence from heaven was indeed beautiful, or golden? Can heaven's silence really be a blessing? I believe it can be, so listen in to find out why.