Date Speaker Title
20/01/2019Andy JarvisHow We 'see' other people
13/01/2019Andy JarvisLiving With Integrity
04/11/2018Andy JarvisA New set of Attitudes
28/10/2018Andy JarvisA Demonstration of Power
21/10/2018Andy JarvisA Calling And A vision
07/10/2018Andy JarvisOur Commission and the Promise of Power
12/08/2018Richard AinsworthUnity In The Body
05/08/2018Andy JarvisPaul's Prayer For The Ephesians
15/07/2018Steve BonesLiving As Children Of Light
03/06/2018Andy JarvisTake Up Your Cross
13/05/2018Andy JarvisThe Trials Of Job
29/04/2018Andy JarvisSpiritual Warfare & Identity - Jesus Is Tempted
22/04/2018Andy JarvisThe Threat Of Our Adversary
08/04/2018Andy JarvisOur Spiritual Enemy
01/04/2018Andy JarvisEaster
18/03/2018Andy JarvisVision Part 3: A Safe Place To Engage With Our Community
11/03/2018Steve BedfordVision 2018 Part 2
04/03/2018Steve BonesVision 2018 Part 1
14/01/2018Andy JarvisHonouring Attitude
07/01/2018Andy JarvisHonouring One Another
10/09/2017Andy JarvisLiving In God's House
03/09/2017Andy JarvisLeave Your Father's House
27/08/2017Andy JarvisThe Transformation of Jesus
13/08/2017Steve BonesTaking Up Our Cross
06/08/2017Steve BedfordIt Is For Freedom You've Been Set Free
30/07/2017Andy JarvisDo you want to get well?
16/07/2017Jim WareChoices Under Pressure
09/07/2017Andy JarvisA New Name
02/07/2017Andy JarvisDivine Encounter
25/06/2017Andy JarvisPreparing For the Fight
18/06/2017Andy JarvisFather's Day - Facing The Past
11/06/2017Andy JarvisPulling Down Strongholds
28/05/2017Andy JarvisLiving By Faith
21/05/2017Jim WareProphecy part 2
14/05/2017Jim WareProphecy Masterclass
30/04/2017Jim WareHearing From God
23/04/2017Andy JarvisGod Disrupts The Mundane
16/04/2017Andy JarvisEaster Morning
09/04/2017Jim WareThe Challenge Of Forgiveness
02/04/2017Andy JarvisWho Is Jesus?
12/03/2017Andy JrvisThe Difference Between Hearing and Listening
05/03/2017Steve BonesA Choice To Make - The Power Of The Mind
26/02/2017Andy JarvisStewardship - Handling What God Gives Us
12/02/2017Andy JarvisThe Dimensions Of His Love
22/01/2017Andy JarvisJesus Leads Us
06/11/2016Andy JarvisKnowing Jesus
23/10/2016Andy JarvisWhat Is A Servant?
09/10/2016Andy JarvisJesus is Lord of all
25/09/2016Andy JarvisWhat's In A Name?
04/09/2016Andy JarvisThe Great Commission
28/08/2016Andy JarvisRadical Honesty
14/08/2016Andy JarvisGod is Love
07/08/2016Steve BonesWe Need Each Other
24/07/2016Andy JarvisHumility
10/07/2016Andy JarvisMercy
03/07/2016Andy JarvisEternal Judgement
26/06/2016Andy JarvisInheritance
29/05/2016Andy JarvisLaying On Of Hands
22/05/2016Andy JarvisAnd you will receive
08/05/2016Steve BonesAnd Be Baptized
01/05/2016Steve BonesWhatever happened to the gospel and repentance?
24/04/2016Andy JarvisSilence is Golden
10/04/2016Andy JarvisPreparing Fine Bridal Garments
03/04/2016Steve BonesListening To The Voice of the Shepherd
06/03/2016Andy JarvisLessons in Prayer for the disciples
14/02/2016Andy JarvisMeditating On The Cross
07/02/2016Andy JarvisMeditating On The Bible
24/01/2016Andy JarvisHoliness - Building a Dwelling Place For God
17/01/2016Andy JarvisHoliness Matters!!!
10/01/2016Andy JarvisHoliness: God is Distinctive
01/11/2015Andy JarvisLove's Restoration and the Lord's Reputation
25/10/2015Andy JarvisGod's Speakers
18/10/2015Andy JarvisGod's mentors: Paul, Aquila and Priscilla and Titus
11/10/2015Andy JarvisGod's Encouragers
04/10/2015Andy JarvisGod's Givers
27/09/2015Andy JarvisHarvest
20/09/2015Andy JarvisHow He Loves Us!
13/09/2015Andy JarvisDenying Yourself and Taking Up a Cross
06/09/2015Andy JarvisAre We The Lord's, or Are We The Lords?
30/08/2015Andy JarvisGood News - Jesus Is A Powerful Name
23/08/2015Andy JarvisAre Miracles For Today - Was Jesus Just Kidding?
16/08/2015Steve BonesGod Is Closer Than You Think!
26/07/2015Andy JarvisThe Mystery of Jesus' Relationship With Us
19/07/2015Andy JarvisTerms and Conditions
12/07/2015Andy JarvisGod's Passion for Us - The Passion of the Seeker
05/07/2015Jane TrickerLiving in the fullness of Christ
28/06/2015Richard AinsworthThe Journey From 'Ow!' To 'Wow!'
21/06/2015Steve BedfordResting In Jesus
07/06/2015David SymonsChrist's Triumph In Our Weakness
31/05/2015Matthew GlassFinishing The Race
24/05/2015Dick ChammingsAll Inclusive
17/05/2015Richard AinsworthJesus Calms The Storm
11/05/2015Steve BonesGod Seeks Relationship With You
22/02/2015Andy Jarvis"Turn from your wicked ways" Luke 13:1-21
15/02/2015Stephen BonesSeek God's face
01/02/2015Andy Jarviswhat does it mean to humble oneself and pray?
11/01/2015Stephen BonesCrucified with Christ
13/04/2014Stephen BonesAn undivided heart
02/03/2014Stephen BonesPrayer & Fasting
29/12/2013Stephen BonesThank offering 'Carol' service
24/11/2013Stephen BonesListen: Get your faith straight!
10/11/2013Andy JarvisListen! You've lost that lovin' feelin'
03/11/2013Andy JarvisListen? To whom? Rev 1:9-20
27/10/2013Andy JarvisConsecrated - what for
13/10/2013Stephen BonesConsecration - Humble Yourself
28/07/2013Stephen BonesThe Gift of Faith: a fresh encounter
14/07/2013Andy JarvisMeet the God of Mission
30/06/2013Andy JarvisFasting: A Fresh encounter with God
23/06/2013Andy JarvisEsther and the God who seeks and knows us
17/06/2013Andy JarvisPower of Prophecy
17/06/2013Andy JarvisPower of Prophecy Notes pages
19/05/2013Jane Tricker40 DOC - Giving and Worshiping together
12/05/2013Andy Jarvis40 Days of Community Part 5 Serving Together
28/04/2013Dave GarlickReaching out together
22/04/2013Steve BonesBelonging Together
14/04/2013Andy Jarvis40 Days of Community Session 1 The Most Important
24/03/2013Andy JarvisDisciples: Rejection is Guaranteed
10/03/2013Stephen BonesBeing an apprentice is costly
22/07/2012Steve BonesDoes God have power to heal today?
25/03/2012Steve BonesIn the beginning..
22/01/2012Andy JarvisThe Invisible Hand Of God-The world changer
15/01/2012Andy JarvisAbraham, Isaac and Jacob: Patriarchs
08/01/2012Andy JarvisIn The Beginning
30/11/-0001Andy JarvisSalt (not light)